VA - The Mystery Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls

Released: 26 Nov 2001
Style: Psybient
Credits: Artwork By - Brahma
Edited By Dimitri
Producer, Conceived By - Raja Ram

1. Alien Project - The First Revelation Part One
2. Cyberbabas - The First Revelation Part Two
3. Doof - The Second Revelation
4. Logic Bomb - The Third Revelation
5. GMS and 1200 Mics - The Fourth Revelation
6. Absolum - The Fifth Revelation
7. Shpongle - The Sixth Revelation

Crystal grows like a living thing. Vital in information technology, from computers to telecommunications satellites, crystal also has the power to interfuse mind and matter, to encode thought. Growing from a single seed, it replicates itself in a mystic structure that does not age, that does not change with time, a structure that can trap thought itself in its lattice. The power of crystal has long been known to adepts, who use it to heal, to learn, to explore other dimensions of space and time. Great is its power, and the power of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls is its greatest manifestation on Earth.
According to Native America legend, supported by shamanic lore and the insights of modern explorers, these mysterious, otherworldly, rock crystal, life-size skulls, thirteen in number, can speak and sing. The sound of the skulls, they say, is the unheard sound of creation, the sound that animates everything. These skulls contain vital information concerning the destiny of mankind. ...
Storehouse of wisdom an knowledge, transmitted to the Maya people of Yucatan from the lost world Atlantis many thousands of years ago, the mystical crystal skulls have fascinated researchers since the rediscovery of the first them, the so-called Mitchell-Hedges skull, more than half a century ago. But today the singing skulls are scattered far and wide, and so they will remain until such time as we learn to share with one another, care for one another, and live in world peace and harmony with Grandmother Earth. When mankind is ready they will come back to reveal their knowledge.

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