VA ● The Secret Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls

Style: Psybient
Released: Feb. 2003/07

Tip World comes with the first compilation in 2003, fasten seat belt! Each of the skulls has special powers which are used in magic rituals, in healing, in clairvoynce and other paranormal activities. The skulls can also be used as shamanic tools to unlock the past, the present and the future. All the present crystal technology had a high up base after the discovery of the Crystal Skulls and they have yet a lot of information for the futures sons of the Earth. Peace, love, wild-life conservation and high technology to link us with the Cosmos. Through the power of sound the information kept in the skulls can be decoded to reveal hidden knowledge and give access to the world of spirits.

1. Eat Static - The First Revelation
2. Cyberbabas - The Second Revelation
3. TheAlien Project - The Third Revelation
4. Astrix - The Fourth Revelation
5. Talamasca - The Fifth Revelation
6. 1200 Mics - The Sixth Revelation
7. Shpongle - The Seven Revelation

Descarga: Parte.1 | Parte.2
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