VA ● Evolution Of Expanded Consciousness - Compiled by Raja Ram

Style: Fullon 29 May 2006
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We feel Tip is on firing form this year.

After 2 very cool and contemporary albums in Hujaboy and Lucas's 'God Save The Machine', a big gun is wheeled out! Raja Ram's new project, 'Evolution of Expanded Consciousness'. This is a sneak preview of sales notes as Raja Ram will soon write his blurb for the album. There is a whole concept behind this new project that will be best explained by the man himself. An update to follow in the next week!

For now all you need to know is this has been Raja Ram's passion this year. And it has given us an exciting new idea for next year too. Raja Ram pooled together 6 of his favourite artists to write specific pieces for his new concept. It is all about 20, 000 years of tribes using various psychedelics towards a higher consciousness. He wanted 6 epic pieces from the masters of the genre that could push further than most and come up with some high quality, original pieces that told a story.

1. Cyberbabas - Vine Of Souls (Australia) 9:08
2. Eat Static - Ancient Teachers Of Mankind (England) 10:49
3. 1200 Micrograms - Dances Between Worlds (South America) 10:53
4. Hujaboy - Voyages Into The Supernatural (Africa) 10:17
5. Bullet Proof - The Serpent And The Healer (Europe) 11:15
6. GMS - Flesh Of The Gods (India) 9:42

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