Khetzal - Corolle

Suntrip Records SUNCD03
Style: Psytrance/Goa
Release date: 14 Nov 2005
vbr kbps/104 MB

Khetzal is Matthieu Chamoux, a producer from Lyon. Khetzal's style is deeply influenced by his musical studies, violin and rudiments of music during twelve years, that gave him the necessary skills for adding layers of melodic phrases and arpeggios in almost every track he produces. During the nineties, he discovered electronic music and then trance, goa and ambient. He was strongly attracted by those music styles and began naturally to explore them by himself since 1998. In march 2005, he started a new musical project with his friend DJ Chai. This project, called Avigmati is the combination between melodic trance and full-on energy aiming at keeping alive positive vibes mixed with strong dancefloor beats. They were already released on the 'Apasa' compilation and also soon on 'Psychedelic Alchemists vol.1'.

1. Listening Winds
2. Anamatha (rmx)
3. Bells of Sarnath
4. Narayana
5. Ganesha Pramana
6. Indian Attic
7. Djaningar
8. Nyiragongo
9. Avasari


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