VA - A Magical Journey

Ajana Records AJACD001
Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Chillout
Lame 3.90.3/VBRkbps/44.1 Khz/Joint-Stereo/75:47 min/119,1 MB
Release.Date: Jun-14-2005

1. Capsula - World Of Information 07:44
2. Ovnimoon - Jabarei 06:34
3. Dejan - Error 06:49
4. Derango - An Ancient Tale 07:42
5. Terra Nine - Axiom: The Omm Squad In Dub Mix 08:21
6. Kukan Dub Lagan - Psychedelic Child 07:53
7. Cell - Asian Morning 07:53
8. Electrypnose - Perce Oreille 06:25
9. Psyfactor - Realiens 07:41
10. Capsula - Crown Ethers 08:45

Ajana Records invites you to a sonic odyssey from spacy atmospheres to powerful chillout beats. A Magical Journey is a collection of finest psychedelic ambient tunes for the chilled moments in life.
The compilation takes you to a musical trip into psychedelic chillout, ambient and goatrance influenced downbeat. 9 tracks of well known artists and newcomers lead you to a voyage through time and space passing mystic landscapes and exotic places.
A Magical Journey is the first compilation of Ajana Records, a sidelabel of Trishula Records.
All tracks have been carefully selected and the compilation has been mastered by Tim Schuldt at 4CN Studios.

The journey is opened by Capsula, a new talent from Israel with a trippy chillout track filled with acidic-patterns and alive sounding synths. Followed by the chilenean trance artist Ovnimoon presenting his first chillout track “Jabarei” and leading us to the mysteries of the ancient south america. Dejan hijacks the listener to a thrilling atmosphere in another dimension with flowing pads and smooth beats and leads us to Derango who are telling us an ancient tale of the swedish forests in a very atmospheric and relaxed track.
The indian calls of Terra Nine's “Axiom” can already be heard. The Omm Squad from Down Under is showing us the beautiful sounds of India with dreamy pads in this dub influenced remix.
Meet the “Psychedelic Child” in Kukan Dub Lagans track dancing to groovy goatrance influenced downbeats in the “Asian Morning” when Cell brings us more ethnic sounds and high energy rhytms until Electrypnose chills us down to an exstatic atmosphere. Psyfactor presents his first ambient track with spooky alien chillout beats and slowly the trip goes to its end with Capsula leading you back to the earth with an acid-soaked track and a sonic surprise in the end.


Ajana Records AJACD005
Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Chillout 01-05-2006
EAN code:4260089560109
EAC 0.95.2/Lame 3.96.1--APS/Joint-Stereo/VBRkbps/ 44,1kHz/76:54 min/115,3MB

1. Electrypnose vs Ecalypt - Nabuconodosor
2. Olien - Ozeanic
3. Chronos - Sky Path
4. Unstable Elements - Technical Illusions
5. Atriohm - Beyond Rituals
6. Capsula - Dice Man
7. Procs - Fascinating Superhero
8. Psyfactor - Galileo space mission
9. Zoe Wheelingz - Shadow is back

Ajana Records is pleased to announce the second compilation in the chill-out serie A Magical Journey.
The Magical Journey 2 goes further where the first journey ended. Ajana Records presents a tracklist with mostly label artsists but also newcomers in the chill-out scene.
Starting the Journey with Electrypnose vs Ecalypt, a blend of electronic music and didgeridoo starting of in an ambient sphere and taking it into chill-out music. Olien from Germany surprises us with Ozeanic, psychedelic soundscapes on a soft rhythm. Chronos from Russia is on with Sky Path, a journey full with layers of emotional sounds, followed by Unstable Elements with a more mystical approach on chill-out.
Next is Atriohm, the chill-out brothers from Macedonia and they take it up a level with more percussions and Asian influence. The Dice Man from Capsula is a floating track with atmospheric percussion and synths. Procs doing it with synths only, a Fascinating Superhero trip with melodic sounds. Just after Psyfactor released his Endless Universe album he treats us with a long track, building up the atmosphere for a rhythmic high and ending in ambient spheres. Last track is a crossover from chill-out to trip-hop by Zoe Wheelings, this will end the journey with a happy and uplifing song.
The Magical Journey 2 represents the typical Ajana Records style and will please many ears with these new and well known producers.

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