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The name Cosmogenesis Recordings originates from readings about Mayan Civilizations (Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles) and the true 13 moon 28 days calendar. So the idea came about to count the full moons down to the calendar end count of 2012, by releasing an album every so often during the period's leading upto this date. The Mayan calendar is the only one ever to be based on galactic cycles and the Mayans claimed that they created this calender in order to monitor the light coming from the center of the galaxy and how it affects our DNA. Our DNA can not only absorb light but it can also emit light. DNA also appears to be the bridge between our physical and etheric bodies. Modern science has also realized that our DNA directly reflects our consciousness, making it possible for us to willfully change our own DNA Helix. This is PURE MAGIC. So the end count date of 21st December 2012 is the marking of this point of conscious genetic change. A moment in universal time when our own sun aligns up to the center star and also in perfect alignment to our milky way's plane. A galactic event that only takes place every 25,800 years. Also Planet Nibiru (Planet X) one of five small satellite planets orbiting it's brown dwarf star (Our sun's twin that never stayed ignighted) will be on its path back to our solar system and will once again be getting directly involved with our planets magnetics (Axis position) after it's 3600 year journey has reached its end point also, which in turn is what is expected to cause our pole shift and the 3 days of darkness (orbit cessation). Then a new cycle of time will begin, the dawn of the new age, spinning in it's new orbit that will be in the complete opposite rotation and with two new pole positions, exactly as our Mayan ancestors for seen. Most of our albums that you have just listened to as DEMO's above can be downloaded absolutly 'FREE' from the largest free psy trance downloading site on the web and our good friend (Alexander Synaptic aka DJ Basilisk) @ Also now we have branched out into the digital downloads releases so look out at aswell as for our latest releases. We hope that you all enjoy the albums and hope that you will be tuning into our next releases...

100 Full Moons
Style: Psytrance 19.12.2004
CDDA/EAC/3.96.1/Joint-Stereo/VBRkbps/ 44.1kHz/79:02/91,6 MB

Cosmogenesis recordings are proud to present, their very first album called 100 full moons cd. A new approach has been adapted here by these lads banging it out from the forests and parties across the northern areas of wales and england. The idea came together to create various new styles of psy trance to start a label of all the dj's/producers from various areas within our network of party crews who between them have plenty of tracks to release. Anyway label owner kristian roberts aka psycotacine has with great help of close friends on album has just set up the label so that we can push out all the tracks on various cosmogenesis recordings to come in the future. Once up and running we can expect a lot of tracks from all of the crew on this cd and who knows more different artists on the future releases plus solo albums too. If you like your music to create a tripped out serious, avin it mood then look no further than this release.

1. Sinkronik - Disco Biscuit 07:11
2. Psycotacine and the Psyentist - Ying Yang 09:32
3. Psycotacine and the Psyentist - Hanab Kuu 09:57
4. Psycotacine and the Psyentist - Geneticly Mud E Fried 09:38
5. Psycotacine and the Psyentist - Mysticly Spaced 10:54
6. Kaned & Unabel - Addicted to the Cure 08:20
7. Psyshaker M - M-Theory 07:09
8. Andro - 2012.A New Discovery 07:52
9. Genetek & Psycotacine - Genetic Groove 08:29


80 Full Moons - COSGENCD


70 Full Moons - COSGENCD


60 Full Moons - COSGENCD04
Style: Psy-trance 28 Aug 2007
256 kbps/126 MB

The fourth release from Cosmogenesis Recordings is named 60 Full Moons in observance of the “cosmic countdown” leading up to December 21st, 2012. Gathering a diverse assortment of non-formulaic psychedelic dance music ranging from pumping acid trance thrillers to “totally ‘avin it” full-on dance floor blasters, 60 Full Moons opens a direct channel to the underground party spirit of the British Isles. Artists featured on this free release include Galactic Monkey, Andro (psytrance guise of the successful techno project AP), Skyhighatrist, Metaspiral, Oc (label organizer Kristian Roberts), White Overtone Wizard (who released his debut album Positivitize on JOOF Records last summer), the Russian project SOM, and the Brazilian act Groove Machines.

1. Galactic Monkey Bits From The Bong 8:20
2. Andro Ultimate Sonata 9:42
3. Skyhighatrist Spacemantra 8:35
4. Metaspiral Cosmic Twist 7:05
5. Oc Ineffability 8:52
6. White Overtone Wizard 21122012 9:30
7. SOM Psychedelic Dream's 7:44
8. Groove Machines Killer Hertz 6:50


55 Full Moons - COSGENCD05 22 Jan 2008
320 kbps/159 MB

Cosmogenesis Recordings returns with another blasting compilation in honour of the full moon countdown to 2012. As with the previous release in this series, 55 Full Moons focuses on the full-on side of psytrance, a style marked by sizzling electric leads, explosive breakdowns, epic atmospheres, and pumping rhythms—all of which are designed for peak moments on the dance floors of the world. With contributions from artists representing Mexico, Russia, Thailand, and the UK, the sound is truly global.

1.TighT - The Source 6:41
2.Noisixx - Bleeding 6:48
3.Galactic Monkey - Funky Rage 8:09
4.Reactive - Lunatic 9:32
5.ThE CoSMiX - Serious Chance 7:11
6.Urantia - D.M.U. On L.S.D. 7:24
7.Animalis Aka Electric Project - Forest Girl 8:11
8.The Soul Shakers - Missing Jedi Vk2 7:33
9.Telepatica - Robotically 6:21


50 Full Moons - COSGENCD 18, 2008

CD 1
1. TighT - Dreaming Man 7:08
2. Noisixx - Lepuzz (Remix) 8:36
3. The Soul Shakers - Clone ID (False C10n3 Remix) 7:08
4. Phobia - Action 7:10
5. Telepatica - Mighty Mind 7:33
6. NeuroImpact - Bell Bliss 7:20
7. Urantia - A.M.L.H Frequencies 8:03
8. DJ Note & Twina - 100% 6:43
9. Unreal X - Affecting The Reality 7:55
CD 2
1. Galactic Monkey - Cyber Shake 8:19
2. RooM 101 - The Ultimate Truth Serum 7:50
3. Skyhighatrist - Desert Mission 7:45
4. Breathead - Atomic Wave 6:30
5. NeuroImpact & Cozmographika - Human Form Of Happiness (Cozmik Remix) 6:43
6. Psycoholic feat. Annkvin - Sonic Anomaly (SOM Remix) 6:28
7. Cyber Motion - Pure Energy 6:41
8. Telepatica & Basic Nova - Inner Blue 6:58
9. ThE CoSMiX - Technodelic 5:57

Just in time for summer festival season, Cosmogenesis Recordings returns with 50 Full Moons, an epic double-CD blockbuster loaded with powerful full-on crowd thrillers and pumping progressive floor burners. Rippling bass lines, soaring melodies, and energetic grooves intersect on this massive release, the seventh from Cosmogenesis. With material gathered from Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Israel, Canada, and the UK, this compilation has a truly international character. Full-on fanatics are not going to want to miss this one!


45 Full Moons
Released.Date:November 14, 2008

CD 1
1. NeuroImpact - Visions Of Digital Vibes 6:47)
2. Tartaro - Pentatonica 7:46
3. Hybrid NrG - Maybe Ravin 7:27
4. OverTonez - Rainbow Colours 7:53
5. Telepatica vs Digital Tribe - Silence 6:30
6. Urantia - Psylens 7:30
7. Crosmik & Urantia - Psychoactive Drug 8:56
8. The Soul Shakers - Playa Sin Susto 8:01
CD 2
1. Unreal X - Live Fast/Die Young 7:30
2. Explicit - No Fear 7:26
3. ThE CoSMiX - What's It's Name Then? 6:39
4. Noisixx - Off Lin3 6:43
5. Atomgrinder - Cosmic Telephone 7:28
6. Skyloops - Computers 7:37
7. Telepatica - Human Being 7:20
CD 3
1. TighT - Glua Phii 6:44
2. Hannebu - Kassandra 7:28
3. Tight - Brain Activity 6:04
4. Boom Nasha - Twytight 6:31
5. 6MDMA - One Year Later 6:51
6. RooM 101 - 88 Nuclear 8:36
7. Galactic Monkey - Chugga Wugga 8:06

45 Full Moons is the latest full-on blockbuster from Cosmogenesis Recordings, a UK-based netlabel dedicated to lifting spirits and raising awareness worldwide. This triple CD release features a wide assortment of energetic tunes in the trademark Cosmogenesis style: an ad hoc blend of blistering melodic full-on and powerful progressive psytrance beats. Many of the artists featured here have appeared on previous Cosmogenesis releases, but there are several brand new names as well. If you enjoy a good full-on stomp session don’t miss this massive compilation release!


40 Full Moons
Style: Night Full On / Psytrance
Release Date: Apr-12-2009
CDex/LAME 3.98.2/VBRkbps44,1kHz / Join Stereo/01:09:02 Min/126 MB

Cosmogenesis Recordings strikes back with 40 Full Moons, the latest edition of their popular full-on psytrance compilation series. As before, this release features pumping beats, hard-hitting bass lines, ecstatic melodies, and epic atmospheres. The underground producers responsible for these songs hail from Spain, Thailand, Hungary, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, making this a truly global effort.

1. QPA - Final Chakra 7:25
2. TighT - Fun 6:50
3. Snag, The Sunshepherd - The Delta 9:04
4. Noisixx - Out Of Control 7:30
5. Segment 7 - Blueprints 7:33
6. Y-East - Yesss 7:25
7. Atomgrinder - Into The Vultimarse 7:27
8. Cozmographika - Tzolkin Vision 6:57
9. Snag, The Sunshepherd - Singing To The Sun 8:33


Urantia - Hunab Tech COSGENCD08
Style: Full On
Release.Date: 25.07.2008
EAC 0.99 beta 1/LAME 3.97/320 kpbs/Joint-Stereo/30:23 min/73,3 MB

Urantia is Victor Hugo Mata, a full-on psytrance producer from Zacatecas, Mexico. Previously his work has appeared on the 50 Full Moons and 55 Full Moons compilations from UK netlabel Cosmogenesis Recordings. Now Urantia is ready to break out with a 4-track EP of his own entitled Hunab Tech. True to form, this free release is packed with crystal-clear melodies, explosive breakdowns, and pumping synthetic rhythms. Full-on fans are bound to enjoy the ecstatic energy of Urantia’s Hunab Tech EP.

1: Nice Getto Freak 7:36
2: Magic Land 7:02
3: Out Of My Mind 7:36
4: Plate Of Light 8:09


Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Check out the Cosmogenesis Recordings discography for more from this mayan netlabel.8)
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