The Seed of Life

The study of Sacred Geometry is the exploration of Creation, revealing the Architecture of the Universe. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, this "Seed of Life" reflects the story of Genesis, the means by which spirit becomes matter. From pure awareness, consciousness is projected into the void, creating space: when consciousness moves in all 6 directions equally, the cube (male) and sphere (female) are formed. As consciousness continues to move, forming reality, this process of genesis repeats itself over and over, giving rise to the entire phenomenal world.

As Creation continues, the Seed of Life gives birth to the "Flower of Life," which contains the sacred geometry patterns of all existence. Our planet, our bodies, the structure of DNA - the myriad universes of light and sound that compose our reality - all are products of harmonic mathematical ratios. We can understand the natural world as an infinite expression of
profound order and harmony.

Heptagonon of Mind

This image depicts the Earth in symbolic relationship to the 7 Radial Plasmas (7th plasma is hidden in the Heart of the World). In the 13-Moon Calendar, the 7 Radial Plasmas correspond
to the 7-day week, our 7 chakras, and can be correlated with the 7 Galactic Directions.
As Dr. Arguelles explains, "According to the Plasma Universe Model, the energetic plasmas
are responsible for evolving the solar system." An overview of how to activate the 7 Radial Plasmas and other harmonic cycles of the Synchronic Order, is available in the
13-Moon Natural Time Calendar.

In this graphic, the horizontal plane (left-right "ring") illustrates the Gravitational Field, the vertical plane (up-down "ring") represents the Biopsychic Field and the sphere (front-back plane) shows the Electromagnetic Field. This holonomic resonant field model is part of an extensive Time Science comprising the 7:7::7:7, by Valum Votan.

Images by Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan
from "Mandala," 1972, Shambhala Publications

"Radiant Woman"
is a life-size acrylic painting on wood panel
currently on display at the Time is Art Gallery
500 "A" Street - Suite 2, Ashland, Oregon

Temple of Inscriptions
at "Nah Chan," House of the Serpent (Palenque)
Chiapas, Mexico

Tomb Site of Pacal Votan, Sage-King of the Classic Yucatec Maya,
Revealing the Living Prophecy of Galactic Synchronization
through Humanity's Return to Natural Time

Winged Heart of the Sufi

This symbol of the Sufi Order suggests that the heart is between soul and body, a medium between spirit and matter. The wings represent spiritual progress, while the cresent symbolizes responsiveness. The star represents the divine light, and also the natural figure of the human. As a whole, the symbol emanates: The Heart Responsive to the Light of God is Liberated.
"If anybody asks what Sufism is, what kind of religion is it, the answer is that Sufism is the religion of the heart, the religion in which the thing of primary importance is to seek God in the heart of mankind." Hazrat Inayat Khan

Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge

The circumpolar Rainbow bridge is a scientific and spiritual exercise being activated by people all around the world. There are varying levels of participation, depending on how one is drawn to connect with this global synchronic practice.

The basis of this collective meditation is to simply hold the image of Earth in our Hearts and imagine (sense, feel, see) a rainbow of light/energy bridging the North and South poles of the planet. As we connect a rainbow around the Earth in our Hearts, so too is a field of love and protection surrounding the Living Earth. Through intention and compassion, we harmonize our hearts and our minds in resonance with the electromagnetic field of the planet, actualizing our collective potential as One Planetary Being.

The potential of the Rainbow Bridge to physically manifest is possible through the merging of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) of the North Pole, and the Aurora Australis of the South Pole, with the human auric field - our etheric electromagnetic field - and, through sympathetic resonance, consciously extending the rainbow spectrum of light/energy to meet at the equator.

There is a more extensive visualization practice of the Rainbow Bridge Meditation
that is activated every year on the Day out of Time - the global celebration of
"Peace Through Culture" and "Time is Art!"

Galactic Shield

This symbol is known as the Galactic Shield, and is an evolved form of the Mayan Hunab Ku.
The Maya called the Architect of the Universe "Hunab K'u" meaning the One Giver of Movement and Measure; the Absolute Being; The Center of the Galaxy; The Universal Dynamism which stimulates and motivates life in its total manifestation of spirit and matter; the principle of intelligent energy that pervades the entire universe, animate or inanimate.

This emblem of the Galactic Ordering Principle imparts the quality of radial time; the unfoldment of continuously recirculating Genesis; the harmony of creation as the art of Nature's Time!

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