Tikal ● Ritual Cycle

Neurobiotic Recs NBRCD09
Genre: FullOn
Release.Date: 05/04/2004
Lame 3.92/320KBps/44.1Khz/ Full Stereo/72:42 min/171 MB
Release Date.. 05/04/2004

1. Equinox 08:17
2. Sunshine Middle East 08:21
3. Time Is Running Out 07:13
4. Breath (rmx) 07:45
5. Jazzistique 07:53
6. Mr Pink 10:14
7. Aura (rmx) 07:52
8. Horn Travel 07:00
9. Canicule 08:07

Debut from french act tikal, who have had releases on many other labels, find a home at neurobiotic. a fresh new stylewith new ideas and lots of unusual samples and sounds with strong etnic and tribal elements. tikal is the trance project of 2 brothers from france. both of them have a guitarist/percussionist background and they moved to writing electronic music 2 years ago. after releasing on other major record labels, here is their debut album. their music is melodic groovy morning stuff, perfect for outdoor parties.
it's a fresh new style with new ideas and lot of unusual samples and sounds and strong ethnical and tribal elements. their inspiration, as their project name and the artwork of this cd shows, comes from central america. tikal is the name of the ancient capital of the maia empire and the name "ritual cycle" reminds the cycles of the maia calendar. the album features all exclusive tracks, with a rmx of the famous song from bamboo forest called “breath” with the brasilian singing “tristeza”, a remix of the track “aura” released on the latest neurobiotic compilation “neo:robotics” and 2 downtempo/world music track “horn travel” and “canicule”. this one will be one of the most important newcomers of 2004 and this album will be something different from the usual stuff we hear these days.

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