KanuaK Uplifted

www.myspace.com/kanuak (Brazil)
Style: Psytrance / Full On
Rel.date: 15 Jul 2008
EAC 0.95 beta 3/Lame 3.97-V2--vbr-new/ 320kbps/44.1Khz/01:18:09/178,93MB

Paulo Ventura's intention with the project KanuaK is to throw vibrational information into your direction so you can catch it and let it flow through all the areas of your body, mind and soul. "Music is not just a sound getting inside your ears, we all know that music can stimulate us in many ways, but just a few people know that it have a huge spiritual charge and it can change us deeply and in a way that almost no one percepts." Kin 84 - Semente Rítmica Amarela - "semeando sem tensões, o egoísmo que me desequilibra desaparecerá" Paulo Ventura started producing music in 2001 at his bed room, in the beggining he made 82 tracks just for fun using as tittle his own nickname, "Kiko".The fun has became a challenge and the challenge brough him inspiration to start producing his own psytrance musics in 2003.The first tracks were very simple and Paulo had no technical, musical skills or production equipment, only a pentium III 450Mhz with 64 MB of ram and two boxes (weak and small ones) that came together with the pc. After getting some experience, the evolution of the musics made Paulo taking the production seriously and in 2005 he changed the name to AlieNatiV but the strong influences of Mayan's culture inspired him to "baptize" the project with the actual name (Kan means Seed and Uak means Rithmic, Kan Uak is the sign that represents the day that Paulo was born second to the mayan calendar).Today, with more than 210 musics produced KanuaK's project keeps growing in quality and musicality and will keep growing with the challenge to make a dream become true like a little seed grow up to become a big tree. -Unique style making serious, melodic, variated, strongly atmospheric and contagious musics.

1. The God inside You
2. Cowabunga
3. Ricochet
4. AlieNatiV
5. You and Me
6. Era Psicozóica
7. Uplifted
8. A Lei do Tempo
9. Trancengine Complex
10. Mushroom Therapy

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