Turn Left at Orion: A Hundred Night Sky Objects to See in a Small Telescope--and How to Find Them

Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 3rd edition
Released: October 23, 2000 | 5.83 MB
ISBN-10: 0521781906 | ISBN-13: 978-0521781909

'Wonderful ... it is one of those books about which you say, 'If only I had something like this when I was a beginner'.' Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 'This is a GREAT BOOK! ... This book is unique, with easy, clear directions on how to find these celestial objects, the best conditions, and what you will see. Consolmagno and Davis do a terrific job.' Colin Haig, Event Horizon, Hamilton (Ontario) Amateur Astronomers Newsletter 'No telescope owner should be without this classic (now updated) amateur astronomy manual.' Jamie Love, Science Explained 'Turn Left at Orion has all the qualifications of a good beginner's guidebook. It makes observing deep-sky objects easier, and most of the objects listed can be seen from the city. More importantly, it makes observing FUN!' Kathy Anderson, The Reflector, The Astronomical League Newsletter 'Turn Left at Orion is the most user friendly field guide I have ever come across.' The Eyepiece, Neville (Wisconsin) Public Museum Astronomical Society 'When and if you buy that first telescope, you should get Turn Left at Orion' . Battle Point Astronomical Association, Bainbridge Island, Washington 'If you have difficulty finding objects, perhaps the person who gave you the telescope forgot to give you a good set of star maps. I'd recommend Turn Left at Orion. With it and a telescope of practically any size, you'll find plenty to see.' Tom Burns, Columbus (Ohio) 'This book is really a must have!' Bob Martino, Perkins Observatory, Ohio Wesleyan University 'This book is an ideal catalog of just the kinds of wonders in the sky that we like to show the public in any of the telescopes at our AAAA public star parties...' Newsletter of the Ames (Iowa) Area Amateur Astronomers 'Should be packaged with every first telescope ...' Chet Raymo, Sky and Telescope 'Stars all look pretty much the same, but this book tells you how to find unusual, deep-sky objects, such as the ring Nebula, which looks like a perfect smoke ring. Other guides simply don't provide this. Part of the excitement of astronomy is finding things; this book is invaluable.' Tom Parker, The Times

"...an excellent book for small telescope users...As the resurgence in small telescopes continues, this book will be of use to all users of such instruments. Since many of the objects covered in Turn Left at Orion can be seen from light-polluted skies, this book is a valuable asset even if you live in a large urban area." Deep Sky

"...should be packaged with every first telescope. It's as nearly perfect as such a book can be." Sky & Telescope

"...for those intent on doing some serious observing with a small telescope, Turn Left at Orion has much to recommend it." Stardust

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