VA ● AH PUCH - Lord of the Ninth Demension - Compiled by VJ EgNogRa

Shaman Film Records SHAMFCD002
Release Date: Aug 21 2006
LAME 3.90.3 | VBRkpbs | Joint-Stereo | 73:02 min | 111,3 MB

1. Electrypnose - pyatizvezdnaya (remix) 08:53
2. Dark noizz vs Ankur - The Numbers 06:19
3. Audiopathic - Eye Of The Beast 07:59
4. Para Halu - Space Camembert 08:10
5. Ocelot - 30 Seconds Left 06:21
6. Xyla - Ancient Future (Remix) 10:09
7. Greg on Earth - Serpentine Apotheosis 10:08
8. Amanda - mooseyMoosey 08:30
9. Datakult - Necronomicon 06:33

Shaman Films is thrilled to present its new compilation 'AH Puch - Lord of the ninth Demension' compiled by VJ ((EgNogRa)) This compilation features 9 killer Dark Mental tracks that will engulf your mind into a journey deep into the realm of Lord 'AH Puch', Mayan god of death. Defining a new direction in digital distributing, 'AH Puch' is the first in a series of interactive multimedia digipacks that include interactive bios, images, and links to past and future artist releases. Each release also includes a free music video! Coming out of San Francisco, California, a boiling pot of Dark Trance Wizards and 3D Gurus, this release will immerse you into a combination of audio/visual stimulation. A story in full spectrum, each level rises in intensity until you find yourself totally electrified in a higher state of consciousness. The nine unreleased tracks are a lethal dose of twisted dark night mental sounds by international PsyTrance wizards from Mexico, Hungary, Germany, Israel, San Francisco, France, and Switzerland. After Shaman films successful release 'Engrams Vol.1', and 'Luminaria 2012', 'AH Puch' marks the continuation of a voyage through the Mayan Prophecies of 2012. The impact of each track is multiplied by specially selected accompanying videos that embody the essence of this theme. In a masterpiece of digital alchemy, the tracks and videos together relay a prophetic tale of galactic awakening and the transcendence of the physical limitations of this dimension. This groundbreaking release will be presented in two parts. The audio CD will be available first, in digipack format. It will be followed by the DVD, complete with bios for both the audio and video artists, as well as VJ loops of each video. The DVD is encoded in 6.5mbps 24p AC-3 for maximum quality. If you are ready to surrender to the merciless laws the darkest, most twisted Mayan God, this is for you!

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