Roomnoise Project ● Light Sensitivity

24/7 Records 247CD004 13.07.2007
EAC 0.95 beta 3|Lame 3.97-V 2--vbr-new|VBRkbps|44,1kHz|Joint-Stereo|64:36|86,72 MB

24seven media is proud to announce the first album release of its first signed psychedelic, progressive trance artist 'Roomnoise Project'. They have been touring Austria for the past 3 years gathering live experience and exposure. The album named 'Light sensitivity' is the first step of this new talented
and up and coming artist, who is about to show the world some of the best of Austrian produced progressive. Expect a variety tracks, for all purposes and lot of influences from music genres like jazz and many more. Their stage performance is very interesting because of live acoustic fusion. The album is very grounded, inspired by nature it self, funky phat produced basslines, clever arranged percussion and beautifull atmospheric layers for a very speacial mystical feel to it. Currently Roomnoise Project is working on the first Chill Out Album for 24seven media to be released later this year.

1. X-Periment 1.5 06:28
2. Tree Of Life 06:47
3. Djamila And Jolaa 06:48
4. Frequenzy Junky 06:54
5. Light Sensitivity 06:27
6. Springbreak 07:25
7. Hard Words 07:40
8. Fast Sunday (Live Version) 16:07

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