Greetings Family of Light

Here we are nearing the end of the 13th moon of the year, with barely 10 days to go in this Cosmic Moon of Presence, closing the Blue Electric Storm Year!

Also we start a brand new Galactic Spin cycle on Greg. July 23
Red Magnetic Dragon, Kin 1. This is an opportunity for a brand new clean slate; a cosmic restart button!

Please tune in with us all over the world on the Day out of Time
July 25, Blue Electric Night, as we stop business as usual and
celebrate Peace through Culture!

And of course the Natural Time New Year is July 26, Yellow Self-Existing Seed!

I send huge blessings out to all of you around the globe who are synchronized in these galactic harmonies!

May we all find our way gracefully through this time of prophecy;
May our spiritual guides reveal the path we are to walk that we may grow;
May our hearts flower with the truth of our beauty;
May abundance dawn for all;
May we all be in right relationship;
May we be in harmony with our Earth and our Universe;
May we all be inspired by the light and joy of our True Loving Nature.

In lak'ech - I am Another Yourself,

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