Etznab Project

This is a project started in the year of the Red Planetary Moon,(Lahun Muluc), by two individuals who have both had visions of sharing the prophecy of the New Time through music. Quetzatl - Tzac Lahca Etznab(who is also a featured solo artist) met Cornflower - Tzac Uac Etznab on the 15th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence Tzac Ho Oc. In time they both got the opportunity to get to know one another, through this experiment known as, the Etznab Project. ENJOY... In Joy.

1. Noosphericus - 3 Serpent 10 Uo
(Spoken Words by Jose Arguelles from Earth Shift Recordings 1986)
2. Codon 64: Prepared - 6 Serpent 16 Mac
Galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions At the time before the End, there is great promise for the Future!
3. Concordance - 12 Storm 5 Xul
Composed on Harmonic Concordance
4. Dreams are Electric - 3 Night 9 Xul
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