Salaskamarka ● Shaman - The Spirit Of The Native American Trance

New Age | 2003 | 67:47 Min | 93,53 Mb | 192 Kbps

1 Medicine Man's Other Room
2 Ly-O-Lay-Ale-Loya
3 Szaman
4 Jananaw
5 Sancha's Love For Amitabha
6 Tor-Cheney-Nahana
7 Heya-Hee
8 Axtu Leman Sumie
9 Dawa
10 Cry Dance (Pai)
11 Journey To Shambala
12 Heya Heya
13 White Buffalo

Good totu initially you would excuse me but I am obliged to put this opinion in this heading although it is the same thing except the title of the album which changes but the album about which I will speak to you is not in aucunes headings ciao. Be thus lenient please lol!
Recently I discovered something of extraordinary that I did not know before.
Indeed, I cannot if you arrives at you but sometimes I go on the market, to make a turn and to buy things which interests me. And it is not so a long time I discovered the music of the world.
In fact they are Indians from America.
They come like Ca sometimes on the market for us shown their music.
Frankly never I did not have to listen of so beautiful songs, more especially as these musics are made with instruments more than ordinary. They are flutes, or the bamboos. But it is so excellent to hear, and into more that the ordinary one changes.
It is uen way for knowing another culture from their music.
Of course is rather of the music to be listened, one cannot dance above, it is apesant but very pretty to listen, me of all that crossed me the body, I had of them the hairs which drew up lol and I can say to you that many people were empréssés to buy their CD.
On the other hand, the small disadvantage it is that their CD is not sold in the trade, it is them which sell them with the price 16€.
You can thus only meet them on the markets.
The author of this album it is SHAMAN, the title it is SALASKAMARKA.
It is CD of orange color red with a head of Indian above.
It is more precisely about “the spirit of the native american flute”.
It is a particular type of musical instrument but which is worth the blow to be listened at least once because it is very beautiful.
Francheemnt it is CD which I advise you at least if you like the music of the world, but I must acknowledge that for those which do not know, that is worth the blow to listen at least once, because it is very beautiful.

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