Blue Lunar Monkey ● 2012

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Chillout-Time at Synergetic Records!
Blue Lunar Monkey is Daniel Gradilla from Mexico. The highly talented artist has already released his unique Chillout Music on labels like Solstice Japan, AP Records and on Transient.

Daniel started to play keyboards and guitar at the age of 13 and became part of the band Naranja Mecanica, wich was the first mexican band signed by Universal Music in Mexico and released an LP named Superstrip in 1997. After studying Sitar and Nada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound) in India he started to experiment with trance and ambience in 1998, beside teaching Yoga and Surfing in the beautiful mexican pacific coast.

Blue Lunar Monkey is the day Daniel was born on the Mayan calendar, Kin 171. The music of BLM is as magic as the project name: Floating grooves, atmospheric landscapes, divine melodies and universal feelings of Oneness come together in each song and construct a full Rainbow of music and Endless possibilities are combined to a sound candy for those magic moments in life.

Each track is made with the best intention, and works on the different Chakras or energy centers through the Spine. With his music Daniel aims to catalyse an internal movement of consciousness and to help realize the amazing beauty of this dream we call reality.

1. Total Implosion 04:27
2. Fly Away 09:00
3. Free Flowing 09:52
4. Intuition High 06:44
5. Acupuncture 06:28
6. Take Off 06:26
7. Pakal 07:32
8. Rainbow 09:13
9. Prana Rush 08:59
10. 2012 09:26

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