The Peaking Goddess Collective ● Organika

Peak Records PEA1CD013
Style: Ambient / Downtempo / Chill Out
Release.Date: 2007-08-21
LAME 3.97/VBRkpbs/Joint-Stereo/ Cue/01:07:01 min/96,9 MB

A sonic pilgrimage combining live instruments and psychedelia! Peak Records is proud and happy to present 'Organika', the long-awaited full-length debut album of Swiss live chill/trance project, THE Peaking Goddess Collective. 'Organika' is an eclectic album that experiments with various musical styles. It features collaborative works with talented artists, a live jam with Peak's resident poet Tanina Munchkina and original poetry by visionary artist Alex Grey!

The 'Organika' journey contains eight beautiful, mind-expanding, musically complex tunes. From the down-tempo docks to the proggy peaks, these handcrafted, psychonaut-friendly musical pieces will stir souls and become lifelong companions. Whetherits down-tempo, funky or ethno-prog it's definitely psychedelic!

1. Hyperspace 08:40
2. Love & Peak 07:56
3. Star Peace 08:35
4. Secret Fire 09:35
5. Rolling 09:17
6. Ishtar 08:04
7. Being Transformation (feat. Alex Grey) 07:43
8. Arcana (Live Jam feat. Tanina Munchkina) 07:12

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