Symmetry (1966)

Symmetry | 1966 | 10:39 min | dir. Philip Stapp | produced by the University of Washington, the Commission on College Physics, and the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

Stapp was one of the greatest animators working in the 1950-1975 era, using stylized, often pointillist abstract imagery, in a floating world sometimes surrealist, at other times reminiscent of Japanese "ukiyo-e" illustration. His spectacular 'Symmetry' is his greatest film, a fantasy of dancing images breaking apart, spinning, and converging.

The property by which the sides of a figure or object reflect each other across a line (axis of symmetry) or surface. Symmetries may also be found in living organisms including humans and other animals (see symmetry in biology below). In 2D geometry the main kinds of symmetry of interest are with respect to the basic Euclidean plane isometries: translations, rotations, reflections, and glide reflections.

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