VA - Bio-Magnetic Therapy Records
Style: Nightpsy/Dark
Released.Date: 26.03.2008
78:57 min/119,7 MB

1. Lemurians - Creep (Oil Rmx)
2. Shapestatic - Swinging Ducks
3. Hyperboreans - Cross Polination
4. Virtual Light - Grim Leaper
5. Orca - Make A Groove
6. Random Vs Evp - The Problem
7. Kode Six - Crazy Vein
8. Sighartha Vs Tryon - Conceptual Textures
9. Delysid Vs Wicked Wires - Time Machine
10. Sienes Vs Verb - Current Path

Compiled by Random Bio Magnetic Therapy is the scientific process of aligning your bodies internal magnetic fields to be attuned to the most efficient and healing frequencies. By attaining this harmonically precise state of being you automatically attain more awareness, higher conciousness and thus a higher potential for human understanding of their place in the universe. Geomagnetic/Darkstar presents this international compilation created by DJ/Producer Random for the express purpose of attuning your Bio Magnetic Frequencies. He has chosen 10 specific attunement tools to help you maximize your potential and tune yourself and others to this highly desired state of being.

Download Part 1 + Part 2