Maiia - Sacred Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations

Artist: Maiia
Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Tribal, Breaks
Label: Altar Records
Catalog Nr: ARCDA11
Release Date: May-05-2011
CDDA | 73:06 min | 254kbps | 44,1kHz | Joint-Stereo | 132,10 MB | LAME v3.98.4 -V0

In the ancient world there are many mysteries, but none as perplexing as those found in the Mayan culture.

The Maya were noted for elaborate and highly decorated ceremonial
architecture including temple-pyramids, palaces, and observatories; all of which were built without the aid of metal tools.

They are regarded as the inventors of many aspects of Meso-American cultures including the first calendar and hieroglyphic writing in the Western hemisphere.

Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilization, MAIIA's album “Sacred
Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations" will transport you straight into the middle of a magical forest of emerald.

This work is an ode to Shamans who make and uphold the rites of passage to carry the sacral knowledge, keeping the continuum between civilizations.

The study of the ancient rituals of the initiation of Mayans enables better understanding of cultures that maintain harmonic relations with the natural environment, their value system and logic of the relations with the world of nature.

The use of their experience by our modern civilization would help to create more harmonic and internally unified culture to overcome the negative experience of our consuming societies.

Welcome to the magic world of Maiia!

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