VA ● The Return Of Quetzalcoatl

Style: Downtempo, Psy Dub 
Rls.Date: Nov-24-2011 

1. ShaMANoiD - Walking In The Desert (100 BPM)
2. Brujo's Bowl - Organic Structures (80 BPM)
3. Digital Conception - The Mystical Quest (70 BPM)
4. Iacchus - Frogspawn (120 BPM)
5. Spunje - Mystic Forest (120 BPM)
6. Normala - Dreamwards Again (110 BPM)
7. Ascetic - Mutant (120 BPM)
8. Progress - Spring Is Over (120 BPM)
9. Iacchus - Flex (140 BPM)

The Return Of Quetzalcoatl is a free downtempo and psy dub compilation from Timewave Records, UK, featuring contributions from established as well as upcoming talents. Drawing influence from ambient, world, minimal techno, and psybreaks, this release is a veritable audio feast at an all-you-can-eat psychedelic buffet. Tune in and drop out! Mastered by Daniel Hickman at The Pond Studio, London, with cover art by Inspiring Creation.

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