Burden of Time - Mayan Calendar

The Burden of Time is a free ware program designed with two purposes in mind:

* The main screen is a straightforward Maya calendar converter that translates Classical Maya long counts into the Western calendar and vise versa. It is simple, but pretty, with lots of graphics.
* From the main screen, an "Epigrapher's Tools" option can be put into action. This part of the program isn't as nice to look at, but includes a host of utilities for serious students and epigraphers.


* Graphic display of long count dates in several styles, including "face" and "symbol" glyphs, and "Codex" style
* Examples of inscriptions
* Help screens that explain the Maya calendar
* Input dates (in the Epigrapher's Tool's section) as Maya long counts, Gregorian and Julian dates, or Julian day numbers
* Instant conversion between all three versions of the GMT correlation
* Display Quiche and Aztec as well as Maya calendar round dates
* Day and Katun auguries from the Books of Chilam Balam
* Maya Astronomy: Moon age, Venus, and eclipse information
* Distance Date calculator
* Convert Ring and Serpent numbers to long count positions
* Days between calendar round dates (Classical and Post-Classical style)
* Period End dates
* Reconstruct dates with missing coefficients

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