Psychoz ● 2012 No Return

Release: Feb-05-2009
Style: Darkpsytrance
mp3 / VBRkbps / 44,1Hz / Joint-Stereo / 62:28

1. Mistery 07:32
2. An Entrance 07:16
3. Tools Of The Trade 07:00
4. Valley Of The Lost Souls 05:41
5. Twisted Garden 06:36
6. Retribution 07:29
7. Over The Hills 05:38
8. Spiritual Beggars 07:15
9. Soulwax 08:01
10. Murder (Video by Egnogra)

The end of the last Cycle of the 13 baktun is almost near causing the resonance of the planet to rise to achieving zero point towards the 5th dimension prophesied by the ancient elders. Psychoz tuned to this chaotic transforming experience gives us a peak into whats next. Nine Audio Transmissions and one visual code channeled by Egnogra emerged from Psychoz Laboratory Nurnberg, Germany, Mastered by Tim 4CN Studios.
Psychoz is Zoran Zlatkovski from Germany. His first album back in 2002 was in a completelly different style than his later works almost acidic Psy techno while now he produces darkpsy.
I can imagine what you're thinking. 1) How cliché is the title and 2) another darkpsy album that isn't dark.
Well the title may sound a bit cliché with all this 2012 madness of our days, but all the tracks give a feeling of an upcoming doom that totally justifies it.
About number 2? Well prepared to be surprised cause this album is dark!
Dark pads, haunted atmospheres and some spooky melodic lines. Especially the pads he's using can be very scary. The whole style is unique. No fx madness here or random sounds, everything is in place. Even the basslines are slightly melodic than the usual darkpsy stuff. Like I said all the tracks have a pessimistic feeling, like something bad is coming. The bpm's are normal too, no 170+ madness here. Also the album has a 'ritual', ancient feeling in it unlike the futuristic sound that other darkpsy albums have. The production plays its part in this. It's dirty, noisy and although some high frequencies in some samples might hurt your ears it's perfect for this kind of music. It would definitely lose a lot of points with a crystal clear sound.

Favorite tracks? An Entrance for sure. Dark and almost melodic. Amazing! The downtempo Mistery (which actually sounds a bit old school-ish), Valley Of Lost Souls and Twisted Garden. I actually like all the tracks here and the only thing that don't care is some guitars in Retribution.

If you want something dark and interesting give it a try. It was a huge surpise for me!

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