Orion Signs ● O Jaguar

1. 07:00 Orion Signs - Constelation
2. 08:00 Orion Signs feat. Pyro - Behind The Stars (Orion Signs Remix)
3. 08:00 Orion Signs - O Jaguar
4. 08:46 Orion Signs - In the Deep Water

Fidípedes Marques a.k.a Orion Signs 19 years. Since children involved with music in general,
After learning a bit of some musical instruments, Fidipedes experienced the Production of Electronic Music and became fascinated.
Producing seeking a way to demonstrate its Model in his "Spiritual Side" and its Cultural Influences, Fidipedes devoted himself to Produce Different Tracks with a subject.
Instrumental music influenced by the spirit, timbre of African religions, Sons of old films with central theme Aliênigina and government conspiracies, the project aims to make up the public to travel At Worlds Mental Each One of the tracks are produced in the studio of Private Family , Since using a syntetizador Korg, the percursões Afro! What gives the tracks a different atmosphere and Magic. The first CD Project is composed by the Producer Partnership with Several Friends, thus, a variety of timbres of the songs.

"The Jaguar is a just an" Expression, "Looking for a way to bring the world today, the Beauty of art and music, lost through time, back the idea of feeling good, dancing and moving in different sensory levels , Search the equilibrium in touch with nature, and the freedom of movement, recalling the tribal rituals, which was so important to ancient civilizations. "

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